Who We Are

Boating Buds is a website founded in 2021 that is passionate about providing high-quality product reviews to help customers buy the right boat accessories.

We review boating accessories which include motors, seats, covers, flooring, and trailers.

Review Strategy

Boating buds write reviews on the following: outboard motor mounts, outboard tilt, and trim, access hatches, deck plates, lid locks, deck hardware, Livewell aeration, and plumbing fittings.

Aside from battery trays, fishing rod holders, boat lights, rigging accessories, trolling motor accessories, pontoon boat parts, and general boat accessories.

Honesty, Innovation, Standard, Unity


Every man in the world should be Honesty and trustworthy.

As long as we promised, we should do our best to keep our word and earn the trust of our customers, which will bring honor to our organization.


By innovating, we can create value for our employees and our organization.

By innovating, we can win the initiative, which can speed up the development of our firm and all of our employees.

We want to have top-notch employees and a top-notch business!


Strict working processes and regulations can improve job quality and efficiency while also inspiring employee enthusiasm to provide better customer service.


Unity is a source of power. We are a large group, even a large family. To achieve our common goal, everyone must play to their strengths!

Our Team

Fred Apstein

Fred-Aspin Author

Fred Apstein is a man of many talents.

He studied at Sustainable Community Development and Royal Roads University, but what he loves to do is sailing, building boats, cooking seafood, and picking up the pieces when things go wrong!

He’s been in business for over 40 years with no refrigeration on his sailboats – that means food drying and pickling became necessary skills.

Now he’s getting into fermentation just because it sounds like fun!

Fred’s passion is finding new ways to be self-sufficient at sea – living off the land as much as possible.

It’s about spending more time traveling than being tied up in port waiting for something to happen or making money so you can go again!